Frequently Asked Questions

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Important things to know

Why do I need a bright reflective address sign for my home?
This isn't supposed to be fancy, it's supposed to save lives. We've had too many instances where we drive past a house because its located at the end of a private drive and no address was there too signify we were in the right place. These help us know where to go to help.
Where should I put my sign?
Your sign should be placed where you think would be most effective. You know your house and property better than anyone so having your sign at the most effective area where emergency services can find you is all up to you. 
Is the $47 a competitive price/is it worth it? 
Yes. Most sign makers have all kinds of additional costs worked into their checkout process which can equal $50+ for a simple sign. WildFireSigns have free shipping, a free mounting bracket with a set screw, and no higher charge for a larger sign. So yes it is worth it.
Is there a discount for bulk ordering? 
Yes. We give a 10% discount on all orders of 3 signs or more.
click this link for bulk ordering.

Other faqs

How long does it take to get my sign?
1-8 days. We do all sign processing for orders on one day to maximize processing efficiency and use of materials to drastically decrease waste. Therefor it may take a few days for processing and shipping. 
Why didn't my sign come with mounting screws?
We know you may be putting your sign on different materials so we excluded sending a particular type of screw. That will be up to you to determine the type of screw to use for wherever you're mounting your sign to.
My order is wrong/damaged. What do I do?  
Email us whatever problems you had and we will do our best to make it right. Your safety is more important to us than profits. Our mission is bigger than money.

Have a question we didn't list?

Ask us anything and we will surely get back to you. 
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The information on this site does not make claims stating having a reflective address sign will decrease emergency service response time. It does, however, assist in the identifying of your house address. The WUI protection initiative is most effective because it focuses on your safety and seeks to eliminate important safety errors many Americans are making in the area of emergency safety preparedness.
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